Everything you need to know to book your sailing holiday with us. We are looking forward to helping you out. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Taste & Sail Croatia Packages

What is included in Taste and Sail Croatia packages?

✓ Accommodation on sailing yacht by your choice
✓ Dingy/tender for the yacht
✓ Fuel for the yacht and dinghy/tender
✓ Comfort pack (Includes final cleaning, bed sheets & towels, beach towels, gas, snorkeling equipment)
✓ Wi-Fi 75GB
✓ Coffee machine
✓ Marina and anchorage fees
✓ Tourist tax
✓ Skipper
✓ Hostess/Cook
✓ Preparation of breakfast and lunch OR dinner
✓ Provisioning

Split round trip
✓ 4 x wine tasting with snacks
✓ 1 x dinner in the winery

Dubrovnik round trip & Split to Dubrovnik
✓ 3 x wine tasting with snacks
✓ 1 x dinner in the winery
✓ “Oyster tasting experience”

What is not included in Taste and Sail Croatia Packages?

✓ Food and Drinks
✓ Private sightseeing
✓ Items of a personal nature
✓ Visa fees and insurance
✓ Transportation to and from your home country

Are there any additional costs to packages?

There are 2 additional costs:
1. APA – obligatory extra
2. Airoport and/or hotel transfer- optional extra

What is a customized itinerary?

A customized itinerary is an independent travel plan designed and arranged just for you. We plan itineraries uniquely for each yacht charter based on your preferences.

Can we change some details in the Taste and Sail Croatia packages?

Of course! Feel free to contact us at any point so we can adjust the itinerary and find the best options for you.

How do I find out about the food menu?

Once you confirm your booking, you will receive a preference sheet. A preference sheet is a detailed form in which you provide information on personal preferences. In line with your wishes/needs your cook/chef will create a bespoke menu for you. You will experience delicious meals aboard your private yacht.

All our chefs, and hostesses/cooks, are experienced professionals and pride themselves on the high standard of cuisine they present to their guests.

What is a preference sheet?

Once you confirm your booking, you will receive a preference sheet. Please complete and return the preference sheet at least a week before the yacht charter departs. A preference sheet is a detailed form in which you provide information on personal preferences. Information relating to food, liquor, any medical conditions, or disabilities the crew should be aware of. Please contact all members of your party before completing this form. We want to ensure that their favorites are on board as well. That allows your crew to understand your requirements and to provide you the most tailored service.

One of the guests is allergic to nuts. How can I ensure he/she will not come into contact with any while we are on our yacht charter?

This is one of the many differences between a yacht charter and any holiday in a not-so-private place. The Cook’s/Chef role onboard a yacht is to make sure such requirements are taken into account and that it will not impact your culinary experience. In other words, you can book Taste and Sail Croatia Packages without the anxiety that comes with having food allergies.

What is APA?

Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) covers additional charter expenses which are not included in the initial charter price. Expenses such as fuel, marina and mooring fees, wine tastings, food, beverages, and other miscellaneous costs. If you choose one of our Taste and Sail packages the APA is used only for food and drinks because all the other expenses are included in the price!

In the event of cancellation of the charter, the APA is 100% refundable.

The skipper of the yacht handles accounting for all APA expenses during the charter. He will also present the breakdown to you at the end of the charter.
• If the costs incurred during the charter are less than the APA deposit, then the skipper will refund the difference to you at the end of the charter.
• If the costs incurred during the charter are above the APA deposit then you can pay the difference at the end of the charter.


Yacht Booking

How to choose the right yacht?

The choice of the yacht depends on your wishes and preferences. Our offer includes the following yacht types:
• Monohulls – excellent for active holidays, sailing lovers, budget-friendly
• Catamarans – very stable and comfortable, with lots of extra space
• Motor Yachts – for speed sailing and island hopping enthusiasts

Before choosing a yacht, think about the following details:

1. How many people will be on board?
• Remember to count the crew as well.
• Does your group consist of pairs who can share the same cabin?
• Do some crew members need a separate cabin?

2. Do you prefer comfort or adventurous sailing?
• There is more space in Catamarans than in Monohulls.

3. Do you need a skipper or other crew members?
• The skipper and other crew members also sleep on board, so you need to reserve cabin space for them. This is easy if there are crew cabins on the yacht. If not, they will need one of the guest cabins (skipper and hostess can share).

What’s a bareboat charter?

When chartering a bareboat yacht, you are renting only the yacht. A bareboat yacht is a yacht with no crew. You do not hire a professional skipper to come on board. You will need to hold the necessary qualifications to do this.

By acting as the skipper, you take full responsibility for the yacht and your crew. You are in charge of planning the route, and maneuvering the yacht under sail, and engine. You have to be familiar with what to do in case of an emergency.

A bareboat charter is a great choice for experienced sailors. If you don’t have the necessary experience yet, a skippered or crewed charter is the best choice for your sailing holiday.

What qualifications do I need for a bareboat charter?

In the event of a bareboat charter (without a professional skipper), the person navigating the yacht must have a valid skipper license. The license must correspond to Croatian rules and regulations. The VHF license is obligatory, as well.

If you are not sure about the validity of your license, please send us a copy via email. We will check its validity with the Croatian authorities before chartering a yacht.

You must make sure your license is up to date. Remember to bring your license with you when you come to Croatia!

What is a skippered charter?

A customized itinerary is an independent travel plan designed and arranged just for you. We plan itineraries uniquely for each yacht charter based on your preferences.

Can I charter a yacht for less than a week?

Sailing yacht charters usually begin and end on Saturdays.

But, anything is possible. If you cannot start on Saturday, or sail for a full week, please discuss more possibilities with us. We will do our best to organize a perfect combination for your sailing holiday.

What is the technical equipment onboard?

Every yacht is different. After you contact us with your preferences, we will send you a couple of choices that suit you the best. Before you make a reservation, we will send you a document quoting all the equipment on the yacht of your interest. There will always be a dinghy, safety, and navigational equipment.


Crew Service

What can I expect from the crew?

From the moment you step on the yacht, the crew is here to ensure relaxation, pleasure, and delight.

The crew is the heart and soul of your sailing holiday. They are discreet and give you privacy, and at the same time energetic and engaging.

The crews aboard charter yachts in the Taste and Sail Croatia portfolio are certificated to ensure that you have the safest charter experience. They provide a high level of service and hospitality on board for everything from fine dining to recreation. The skipper will consult with you and always try to respect your wishes. He handles the safety of the yacht and all those on board, so he has the final call when circumstances demand it.

Do I have to hire a professional skipper?

If you do not have sailing experience, or if you do not have a recognized sailing license, you have to hire a skipper. Having a skipper on board means that you have no responsibilities for the boat itself. You also enjoy the skipper’s local knowledge. She/he will adjust routes depending on the weather. A skipper will guide you to the best swimming spots, attractions, and restaurants.

Can I hire a hostess?

You can hire a hostess to any bareboat or skippered charter. A hostess will keep your yacht clean, prepare drinks and snacks, breakfast, and lunch. She will help you with provisioning. If you book one of our Taste and Sail Croatia packages she will do provisioning by herself, and her services are included in the package. She will also help with docking.

A hostess service costs from 180 EUR per day + food, depending on her experience.

• If you have experience and want to be the skipper, hiring only a hostess is also an option.

Are skipper’s services included in the price?

If you choose one of our Taste & Sail Croatia packages skipper’s services are included in the price.

If you decide on a skippered charter, the skipper’s services are paid separately from the charter fee. The guests have to secure food and drinks for the skipper as well as the other crew members (if there is a hostess, chef, or a nanny on board as well).

Yachts exceeding a certain length are chartered only with the crew (provided by the yacht owner). In this case, the crew expenses are included in the charter fee.

What if I want to hire a nanny, personal trainer, or chef?

You can bring your trainer, your chef, or your nanny; anyone who is there for your comfort. We will count them as guests/passengers in your charter party.

We can also hire any extra crew members you need. We take pride in our list of contacts and you can be sure that we will find the best crew members for you.

Do I need to tip the crew?

Although not mandatory, it is customary to leave a tip (gratuity) for the work of the crew at the end of a charter. We recommend a tip between 5% and 15% of the charter fee depending on how satisfied you are with the service. You can give the tip to the skipper who will then share the tip with the rest of the crew.


Booking Process

Why book your sailing holiday through us?

We are proven specialists in this field who deal with bareboat, skippered and crewed, luxury charters every day.

We’ll ask all the questions needed to understand your unique ideal holiday, suggest the perfect yachts to choose from, and match you to the charter yacht with the optimal crew for you.

Regardless of the charter’s length, your experience, or budget, we always provide exceptional service. Our approach is the same whether you book a motor yacht, a catamaran, or a sailing yacht.
If you need timely, professional and unbiased service, contact us today.

How do I book a yacht or the Taste and Sail Croatia package?

1. Complete our online booking form
2. Let us guide you through every step of the booking process
3. Confirm the booking
4. Sign the Booking Contract
5. Pay a deposit
6. Get ready to enjoy the best sailing holiday of your life

How much does it cost to book a yacht in Croatia?

Yacht charter prices vary according to the period of booking, size, style, and age of the yacht you rent. Contact us now for the list of yachts and prices.

How soon can we go? How far ahead should I book?

We can arrange a charter for you next week, or next year. But, if you would like to secure a specific yacht or if your sailing holiday dates are not flexible, you should book as early as possible.

When is the best time to go?

Croatia’s sailing season runs from May to October. For every true lover of the wind and the sea, we recommend choosing the off-season period. You will have the best sailing conditions.

If you’re not coming for sports, but enjoy amateur sailing, June, July, August, and September are your months. Snorkeling, paddle-boarding, swimming, or splashing around in the shallows are ideal activities in the top-season period. The warmest temperatures are in July and August. The weather is glorious.

When do I make the final payment for my Charter?

Charter agreements can differ for particular yachts. In general, your balance is due at least 40-days before the start of your charter.

Besides the charter fee, are there extra costs I should budget for if I choose a bareboat charter?

When calculating the price of your sailing holiday you have to consider the following:
• the cost of renting the yacht (as per offer)
• obligatory extras (i.e. comfort pack)
• optional extras (i.e. SUP, kayak, wi-fi, Nespresso machine, safety net…)
• skipper +-1350 EUR per week + food (if you need one)
• hostess/cook +-1250 per week + food (if you want one)
• fuel for the yacht and the dinghy
• food and drinks (the half board is usually 250 EUR per week per person)
• moorings and marina fees
• Croatian tourist tax – 10 € per week, per person
• security deposit for the yacht – you get this back at the end, stated in the offer



How do I plan an itinerary for a bareboat charter?

We do the work and eliminate stress for you when it comes to planning the itinerary for your bareboat yacht charter. We will consider your requirements down to the finest detail. Together with you or your skipper (if you need one), we will prepare an itinerary according to your interests. That includes both the onboard and on-shore activities you like to enjoy.

What is the itinerary for T&SC packages?

We created Taste and Sail Croatia itineraries out of many years of experience in organizing yacht charters. We included feedback from our guests as well. We make sure to maximize enjoyment in your sailing holiday while taking into account practical navigational matters.

Our itineraries are custom-made and can even be more customized if you want.

Take advantage of our knowledge gathered throughout the years. Our itineraries will surpass what you had in mind purely because of our hands-on experience.

Is it possible to change our itinerary while sailing?

Everything is possible. That is one of the best parts of sailing holidays. You have the freedom to decide and to choose. You are not a passenger going from point A to point B amongst many others, and the yacht is yours. You can decide to stay longer somewhere you enjoy most or skip other places.

Remember that there may be practical and technical limitations to itinerary changes. The skipper must think of distances to cover, berthing arrangements, weather conditions, and safety. Not everything you want will be possible but you can discuss any changes with your skipper. Talk about the changes as early as you can so he can adjust and adapt the new itinerary.

The skipper is in charge of the yacht and thus his decision is final. He will always go out of his way to ensure you enjoy every moment of your charter.

Can we change some details in the Taste and Sail Croatia packages?

Of course! Feel free to contact us at any point so we can adjust the itinerary and find the best options for you.

What if I want to visit the place where Mamma Mia was filmed?

If you want to visit specific locations we will make sure we add them to your itinerary. To visit locations where Mamma Mia was filmed you have to sail to the island of Vis. The filming locations for Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again were primarily in Vis town, Komiža, and Barjoska beach on the island’s far western tip.


General Information

Is there a parking area within the marina?

Marinas have a secured parking area. The price of a parking lot depends upon the marina itself. If you’re coming in a car we will let you know all the details. The employees of the marina take care of the parking area in the marina.

Which currency should I use to pay for mooring fees and other expenses?

Generally speaking, payments are accepted only in the local currency- Kuna (shops, bars, restaurants, taxis, etc.). But you will be able to pay in another currency at the airport and in hotels. Sometimes it’s possible to pay the mooring fees in Euros.
In restaurants, shops, and supermarkets you can use credit cards as well.

If sailing in territorial waters of Slovenia, Italy, or Montenegro, you can pay the extra costs in Euros or with credit cards.

What is the minimum age requirement to charter a yacht?

The minimum age requirement to charter a yacht (either bareboat or skippered) is at least 18 years of age.

I have a license for motorboats, is it valid for sailing yachts as well?

A license issued for navigating motorboats can be accepted if it is indicated that it can be used for navigating sailing boats as well. You can send us a copy via email, and we can check its validity with Croatian authorities.

When should I return the vessel to the marina?

You should return the yacht to the base on Friday afternoon/evening with an overnight on board till Saturday morning. Check-out is on Saturday at 9 am.

Are children welcome on board?

Children can go sailing with you from an early age – there is no age limit. However, children should be monitored by adults to ensure safety. Be sure to choose the safest cabin for a child and a place for him/her to play. You can also put a safety net along the sides of the boat. Children should wear life vests while sailing. You should bring baby food since the markets in smaller locations do not have a big choice.

Are dogs allowed?

Every yacht has a different policy about the presence of pets onboard. Please contact us before you make a booking to be sure that your pet can join you.

What do I need to bring with me?

As almost everything you need will already be on board when you begin your charter, you only need to pack very little. Light clothing options are a must if you are sailing in the summer months. You should bring bathing suits and athletic shoes. If you want to visit anywhere that may have a strict dress code, bring some formal outfits.

Remember to bring any personal items such as diving certification, passports, and visas. If any of your yachting party is prone to seasickness, over-the-counter medications or prescriptions may be a good idea. We recommend soft-sided luggage as it usually fits in-cabin compartments the easiest and is gentle on woodwork and paint.

Can I smoke inside the yacht?

In general, smoking is not permitted inside most yachts and it is forbidden in any cabins. There is no greater danger for the safe operation of a yacht than fire. But, you can smoke in the outdoor areas.

Can I wear shoes on the yacht?

We politely ask you to take off your shoes before boarding the yacht. You have to leave your shoes in the shoe basket to avoid damaging the yacht. Stiletto heels can dent wood floors and shoe soles can leave scuff marks on the deck. This also keeps the boat clean.

Will there be Wi-Fi onboard?

In our Taste and Sail packages, we offer free Wi-Fi onboard. If you opt for a bareboat charter, we can arrange Wi-Fi for an extra cost.

What is the weather like in Croatia?

The Dalmatian coast and islands have a Mediterranean type of climate. Mild winters and hot, sunny summers, sometimes interrupted by thundery rain showers. During July and August it can get very hot (38 degrees or more). June and September are the best months if you prefer to avoid excessive heat, and on the Dalmatian Coast May and October as well. You can find more on the weather in Croatia at www.meteo.hr and weather forecast for the Adriatic.

Do I need a fishing license?

For legal fishing, you need a valid fishing license. You can buy the license in fishing clubs authorized for issuing the licenses to foreign citizens. You only need your passport or ID. If you are already a member of a fishing club in your country, take your club card with you because it can decrease the license fee. Please remember that fishing is forbidden in national parks. You will receive a list of zones that are off-limits for fishing, as well as a list of allowed fishing tools.

What if I am not a very strong swimmer?

Life jackets are available on all our yachts and there will be plenty of other activities to keep you busy. Or, if you prefer, you can stick to lounging around, soaking up the rays on deck with a glass of champagne, reading a book, and listening to music.

Do I need to buy travel insurance before I go on my yacht charter?

You need to get travel insurance. If you already have travel insurance you need to check if you have proper cover for a sailing holiday.

Please read your policy to ensure it covers all the activities in which you are going to be participating. We recommend your insurance covers cancellation, personal liability, loss of personal property, and travel disruption in the event of travel restrictions.

We are happy to assist you with organizing your insurance. We can recommend a travel insurance company in Croatia. Prices will vary depending on each case.

If you choose to travel without adequate insurance coverage, we will not be liable for any of your losses howsoever arising.

How do you ensure my privacy?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All information about passengers and yacht charter sailing itineraries is confidential. Details are only shared on a strict need-to-know basis.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service possible. We are available for you 24/7. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions.


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